The Post Office is closed the following days: tracks all United States Postal (USPS) holiday closures. Trying to mail a letter and not sure if the post office is open or closed?

New Years Day - January 1, 2018 Closed
Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 15, 2018 Closed
Presidents Day - February 19, 2018 Closed
Memorial Day - May 28, 2018 Closed
Independence Day - July 4, 2018 Closed
Labor Day - September 3, 2018 Closed
Columbus Day - October 8, 2018 Open
Veteran's Day - November 12, 2018 Closed
Thanksgiving Day -November 22, 2018 Closed
Christmas Day - December 25, 2018 Closed

The United States Postal Service is closed for all federal holidays. Not being able to mail an envelope or package can put a snag in your plans to do business. Our site will help inform you if the post office is opened or closed today or tomorrow. All posts offices follow standard federal holiday closures in the US. The most popular federal holidays for the post office being closed are Presidents Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Columbus Day, New Years Day and MLK Day. Please all keep in mind that we are an independent informational website and not affiliated in any way with the US Postal Service.